The company Jogaplast enters a program of growth of the Diputación

The company of Calaf Jogaplast SL has been selected for the Accelera program for the growth promoted by the Diputació de Barcelona and the PIMEC organization. This company, whose activity is the injection of plastics and couplings, presented the candidature through the Center of Resources for Employment (CRO) of the City of Calaf. The Accelera el crecimiento program offers a plan of operational growth and support tools for 50 small businesses in the Barcelona district that have a great growth potential.

Accelera's growth advice and training will be carried out through a PIMEC expert committee and the IESE business school that will help companies in the selection and focus phase. In the construction of the growth plan will be a committee formed by experts in growth of several large companies that will accompany. Additionally, throughout the program, which will end next June, a series of lectures and lectures will be given by specialists from different fields.

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